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When you stay with us, you are situating yourself within a short distance of dozens of restaurants, bars, and clubs the downtown sector has to offer.  All locations listed below are within a short walking distance from the Abba Inn.

St. John’s offers a variety of traditional Newfoundland cuisine and a selection of exotic and foreign foods.  We have listed some of the restaurants closest to the Abba Inn, but if you would like to learn more about St. John’s restaurants, please see the St. John’s restaurant listings page. * indicates a restaurant within two blocks.

Modest: (less than $8.00 serving but consistent quality)

* Bagel Café  (739-4470) Extensive menu -246 Duckworth Street

* Ches's  (726-3434) Deep fried fish, hot sandwiches - 5 Freshwater Road (home delivery)

* R. L. Caines  (753-7543) Daily specials / some traditional dishes - 104 Duckworth Street

   Pizza Supreme (738-2323) Second Best pizza in the city - 27 Elizabeth Avenue (home delivery)

* Afghan (754-2230) Ethnic and delicious 375 - Duckworth Street

Moderate: (less than $15)

* Giovanni Cabot's (739-7999) Mediterranean cuisine (Funky) -  10 King's Road

* India Gate (753-6006) Excellent luncheon buffet / traditional Indian foods - 286 Duckworth Street

* Pasta Plus (739-6676) Fast inexpensive  lunch specials - 223 Duckworth Street
   Magic Wok (753-6907) Chinese Very popular - 402 Water Street

* Hava Java - cool coffee house with desserts - 216 Water Street

* Coffee and Company - high end coffee house with truly excellent desserts - 204 Water Street

* The Sprout  (579-5485) - Vegetarian – excellent - 364 Duckworth Street

Mid Range: (Less than $20)

* The Sprout  (579-8485) Vegetarian / Simply Perfect /  364 Duckworth Street

* Casbah (738-5293) Simply lovely - corner Cathedral / 290 Duckworth Street

* Crooked Crab (738-8900) Good reviews from guests - 98 Duckworth Street

* Sun Susha (726-8688) Japanese Restaurant that is trendy / younger crowd - 184 Duckworth Street

* Gypsy Tea Room (739-4766) Incredible Sunday Brunch  -195 Water Street

   Nautical Nellies (738-1120) Traditional Newfoundland meals and a fantastic restaurant/pub environment - 201 Water Street

Fine Dining: (less than $25)

* Balance (722-2112) 147 LeMarchant Road  - exceptional quality - fish dishes. Quiet and comfortable.

Bianca's (726-9016) European - exceptional quality. Movie stars hangout. They have $3,000 wine certainly but you get the same food - 171 Water Street

Cellar (579-8900) Wide menu. Excellent Service - 152 Water Street

Night Life:

St. John’s is world famous for its night life and distinctive watering holes.  No visit to St. John’s is complete without a visit to the world famous George Street, located downtown and just a ten minute walk from the Abba Inn.

No matter what your tastes in drinking establishments may be, with over 40 bars and clubs on the same strip, George Street is guaranteed to have the perfect place for you. With more bars per square foot than any other spot in North America, George Street gives Bourbon Street a run for its money.  Click here to see a list of George Street’s bars, restaurants and night clubs.

Night life in St. John’s is not restricted to one street.  There are numerous other clubs and pubs along Water Street, Duckworth Street, and in other parts of the city.  Take a walk downtown and you will be sure to find something to suit your tastes.

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